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Save Your Teeth

Laser gum disease treatment can save your teeth. One of the prime benefits offered by laser gum surgery is its ability to regenerate lost bone tissue in order to support the teeth.

No Scalpels or Sutures

No scalpels or sutures are utilized in laser gum surgery, just the laser and ultrasonic scalers.


Little Downtime

Most patients return to normal activities the day after their laser gum surgery. Very little downtime needed.

Treat Any Number of Teeth

Laser gum disease treatment can be performed on any number of teeth. Even if you only have a few teeth with advanced periodontitis, laser gum surgery can safely treat your infection.

Easier Post Op Care

You won’t have any surgical wounds or stitches to worry about post-procedure, though our doctors will provide you with a list of instructions for your recovery period.

Little to No Recession

Because there is no cutting of the gums, laser gum therapy patients typically experience little to no gum recession after their procedure.

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